The modern photo inkjet papers that dominate in today’s printmaking can never match a carbon print for beauty and richness of color. Neither can they match the carbon print for permanence.

Today, Art & Soul produces of modern version of the classic carbon print. Images are digitally captured on a high resolution drum scanner, and then edited at a computer workstation. The edited digital files are then used to produce the separation negatives necessary to make the print. Custom pigmented gelatin emulsions are produced in Art & Soul’s studio using rich pigment colors that are light fast. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black pigmented gelatin emulsions are exposed to ultra-violet light through the separation negatives. The exposed pigment films are then processed and layered in succession, in perfect registration onto a specially prepared polyester sheet. Finally all four colors are transferred together onto a final support of mold-made watercolor paper, becoming a permanent color print.

Printed onto the finest watercolor papers from the renowned Arches and Fabriano paper mills of France and Italy, these prints have a distinctive surface and texture  which readily identifies them. They are truly permanent, and will retain the beauty and vibrancy of their colors for hundreds of years after conventional photographs have faded away.